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Americas Got Talent – Season 7 – Episodes 26 & 27 – Semi-Finals – Round 1 August 28th & 29th 2012

August 30, 2012

Wow!! Donovon &  Rebecca, Turf, Eric Dittleman all acts I enjoyed more than any of the acts throughout the whole season. All who on my scale of 10-1 all rated 9 and this week all 3 of these very talented acts went home. Why do I think that is?

Well lets start with Turf (video above). Anyone who has been following my blog here regarding AGT  (or Idol or any of them) know how I continually talk about the “judges curse”. It happens whenever the judges find an act that they really like and they begin to over-praise it almost to a point that it appears they’re guaranteeing that performer a winning spot. When this happens the performers start feeling over-confident (thinking its a shoe in)  and the fans don’t vote  as much thinking that contestant is safe and consequently the performer gets less votes. Its not something the judges do purposefully, it generally happens because the judges overpraise. Then the producers and judges  kick in with the “edit” , the extra storyline and comments to move the audience and it appears that they’re driving the votes, and the voters see it and vote for their choice and not who the show itself begins to focus on and what the show itself is doing -backfires.This happens on Idol as well as AGT which Ive mentioned this on the blog and almost every time Turf performed Howard and Howey over praised every performance up until this week, and I said it before, many times it backfires and today we see the results  with Turf going home. Turf you were awesome throughout the entire show and made it worth watching. Its going to be sad to see you go.

To some extent I think the same thing happened to Donovon & Rebecca. Howard and Howey have said continually throughout this show that a singer or dancer act won’t win this year building up the “thrill acts” like Rebecca and Donovon and the Banbaz Brothers and both “thrill acts” are now gone. As far as Dittleman as much as I personally love him,  this weeks show just didn’t seem as believable as past performances. The thing about these kind of acts thats different singing acts is that the whole act changes every time and every time it changes the performer has no way to know if the act will be as effective. IN a singing competition the act never changes and the singer is just singing another song. Dittleman’s last act, drawing the picture of Howard, in my opinion just didn’t have the same kind of impact

There are those I like and those the majority of the AGT viewing audience like.


My Favorite of the Week: Donovan & Rebecca

My second favorite: Todd Oliver and Irving the Dog


Those who read know each week here I rate AGT’s competing contestants on a scale of 10 to 1, based on who I like, (not on who I think will win) and generally those I give the highest scores too appear in the finals. Up until this week all who I originally gave high scores did indeed make it to the first of the final rounds. Once the final 6 are picked I make a  prediction and 95% of the time my predictions are accurate. So far this season all but one of my picks whom I gave high scores to from their initial performances, have made it to the first of the finals just as I predicted. After next week, its down to the “nitty gritty”


Below are those 24 acts that made it to the semi-final rounds with the score I gave them early in the competition when I first saw them. Those that are italicized were those selected for round 1 and those not italicized were selected for round two. Those that are crossed out are those who performed in the semi-finals that were sent homes. Those with U’s behind their names were You-Tube picks and those with W’s were wild card picks


Contestants Name                          Score              Act

 Donovan & Rebecca (44,36)*  9 Acro-Balance Duo
Turf/Alonzo Jones*  9 Contortionist Dancer
 Eric Dittleman (26)  9 Mind Reader
 David GaraBaldi & Cmk’s  9  Paint Splattering Act
 William Close (42)  8  Earth Harp Musician
 Jacob Williams (23)  8 Comedian
Clint Carvalho/Extreme Parrots  8 Act with a real parrot
 Todd Oliver & Irving (53)-W  7 Ventriloquist & Dog
Andrew De Leon (19)-W  7 Self-taught Opera Singer
The Scott Brothers (47,48)*  6 2 Man Dance Act
Tim Hockenberry (49)  6 Singer
Olate Dogs (19, 55)  6 Dog Trainers
Tom Cotter (49)  6 Comedian
All That-W  6 Male Clogging Dancer’s
Sabastian  ElCurorodeOro -W  6 Boy & Meriachi Band
 Edon (14)  5 Young Jewish Singer
 Joe Castillo (64)  5 Light & Sand Art
 Academy Of Villians-U  5 Dance Group
Maurice+Shannice Hayes62&18  5 Dad/Daughter-Singers
Light Wire Theater  5  LIghting Dance Crew
The Untouchables (8-13)  4 Dance Act
 Bria Kelly (16)-U  4 Country Singer
Magic of Puck  4 Dancing hankercheifs
All Wheels Sports  3 Skateboarding,Bike&Dance


Score Impression (This seasons 2nd Scoring System)

10 Incredible
9 Amazing Act
8 Great Act
7 Interesting Act/May go far in the competition
6 Loved It
5 Good Show
4 Nice act
3 Alright
2 Crazy Act
1 Unsure of the appeal


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